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What is the Cutt-slam?

The Cutt-Slam program is setup by the Wyoming Game and Fish department. This program combines the experience of Wyoming fly fishing with the education and challenge of catching Wyoming’s four sub-species of trout.

What is the Wyoming Cutt-Slam?


Cutt-Slam Certificate

The Wyoming Cutt-Slam program is designed to encourage anglers to learn more about Wyoming’s cutthroat sub-species and develop a greater appreciation and support of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s cutthroat management program.

What you do:

  • Catch Wyoming’s four cutthroat sub-species in their native range in Wyoming.
  • Present a clear photo to a Wyoming Game and Fish fisheries biologist for species verification.
  • Provide information on date and location of catch.

What the Wyoming Game and Fish Department does:

  • The Wyoming Game and Fish will keep records for each entry. Upon catching all four sub-species, the Wyoming Game and Fish will send you a color certificate featuring all four sub-species recognizing your accomplishment

For more detailed information on the Cutt-Slam Program and Wyoming Fishing visit the Wyoming Game and Fish’s website by clicking here.

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