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Summertime @ the Lodge

  1. Native Colorado Cutty
  2. Native Colorado Cutty

The fishing this summer was great.  Some of the best in years in our area.  Fish started eating consistently in June and it is still on!!  All of the rivers and tribs that we focus our time on for the Cutt-Slam are lower then normal for this time of the year (water level), however fish are still looking up, and the best action is early morning and evening time.  The afternoon fishing as been slower, however still productive if your willing to try a few color patterns and fish the dry-dropper rig.  If you have been thinking about coming out to fish Wyoming—  This year would be a great time to pull the trigger.  The fall weather is just starting to creep into our mornings and evening temps and the leaves are turing on a few trees.  The fishing this fall should be very productive as the cooler nights will help lower our water temps and spark the winter-feeding mood of our Cutt’s.

The Cutt-Slam is a great way to challenege the advanced angler as well as a great way to beginning anglers to learn about the sport.  The cutt-slam teaches the angler about native fish and rivers and builds a deeper appreciation for angling conservation.  The four major cutty’s that must be caught to complete the cutt-slam are:  The Colorado, which is a native fish for the Green River drainage.  The Snake River, which is a native fish for the Snake River drainage.  The Bonneville River, which is a native fish for the Bear River drainage, and the Yellowstone, which is the native fish for the Missouri River drainage.  If your looking for a angling adventure or challenge–  try the Wyoming Cutt-Slam.

Fishing Report for the Lodge at Jackson Fork

The fishing has been great in the early morning.  If you are up before the sunrise, you can have some really exciting action on the surface.  The silentence of the mountains and the waking of the sun to the valley at the Lodge is one of the most peaceful places in the world and well worth the few hours of missed sleep.  If you perfer to fish later in the day, be ready to work a little harder for the fish and your best bet is fishing a dry-dropper rig.  The water is low—really low and the fish are holding to the deeper pools.  Hoppers are turing fish and the best color seems to be red.  The best method for fishing the lodge is to wade into the river.  The water is low enough to allow easy access to wade across the river.  The key to success is being able to cover a little mileage on the wading boots and fish the deeper pools with a dry-dropper rig or a small streamer.

Fish love RED Flies!