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Summer DRY-FLY fishing

Big bugs = Big fish

The summer is here in full swing.  The ranch has been busy with many fishing clients over the past few weeks and the fishing has been great.  The Green River rush is about over as the snake river in Jackson Hole is starting to be productive to fishing.  The locals here in Pinedale are finally starting to have a little elbow room on our local rivers, the Green and New Fork.  The rivers are fishing great from about 9-noon everyday, especially on a cloudy day.  The water tempuratures are reaching the 70′s already and that will have a big impact on the fish come August.  Remember to fish early mornings and spend some time making sure the fish are recovered from a quick fight with a fly fisherman before allowing the current to sweep them downstream. 

The small feeder streams around western Wyoming are starting to be productive.  Dry fly fishing has been the main course for most trout during the day.  The upper Hoback is starting to clear and drop in flows and the will directly impact the fishing.  Look for the hoback to be in perfect fishing conditioning and stay that way into the month of August.  Flys on the upper hoback are:  Dry Flies:  Red or Yellow PMX size 12-14, Tan, Purple, or Yellow Chubbys size 12-14, Para Adams size 12,14, Hooper patterns size 10-12.  If you like adding a dropper behind these bigger flies try a soft hackle pheasant tail or prince size 14.  In some of the deeper runs you can try smaller streamrs such as a white bugger, peacock streamer or just a plain old black wolly bugger. 

The Green River is fishing best mid morning with lots of hatches coming off throughout the day.  Keep your eyes out for Yellow Sallies  (golden stone pattern) or PMDs.  The drakes are still popping a little on certain streches of the river but the biggest portion of the hatch is over.  Fish are still very willing to eat a drake pattern is fishing right, but most of the dry fly fishing will start to turn towards hoopers and big buggy patterns.  Brown Town 101