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Spring Showers are HERE!

Greenie on the GREEN

This spring has been very unpredictable with both the weather and the fishing.  We have had some of the best days and some of the worst.  More recently we have been having some great fishing, but as the water flows increase with run-off we will have to look for ponds, lakes, tailwaters, and spring creeks for fishable water.  The ho-back has been running high and will continue to do so for the next few weeks, but at the Jackson Fork Lodge there are lots of great options for fishing right now!  The lodge has some of the best ponds and spring creek feed lakes that offer great fishing for BIG cutt-throats all season.  If you have not made your trip plans for fishing yet, I strongly suggest booking late June or early July!  The water should be ideal for some great fishing at that time.  Currently fish are not looking up much for top water action so you will need to get you fly down to the fish.  nymph rigs and small streamer have been working very well and the fish seem to be the most active during the afternoon hours.  This eating pattern will change soon as water temp increase.  We are getting a little mayfly action on certain days and a few fish will target them.


APEX FISHHere is a nice BOW caught in MAY huggin close to the bank.  This BOW has a monster hooked jaw and was most likely over 5 years old.  A fish of this size is such a blessing and reward to catch and release.  This APEX fish are not common, but they are always a possibility and that is a great thing about floating our local waters!  You are always only one cast away from the fish of a life-time!