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Run-off is RUNNING!

So the late run-off season was great while it lasted, but it is officially here in Teton and Sublette County.  Over the last few weeks the fishing has been good to great on certain days.  The Green River was fishing as good as it gets if you are a streamer junkie / nymph rig angler.  Fish are holding in pockets and eddys where you typically find them in the lower water levels but expect them to starting moving to slow water and the edges of the rivers.  When the water starts to clear up–  get your rods ready to roll!  The fishing will be hot!  I predict we are about 2-3 weeks from some great fishing.  As far as the spring creeks and streams go–  they are all running high as well.  Once the water clears–  Fish will be looking up for big dries and the fishing should hot.  The cutt slam calendar will be on its way shortly.  If looking to book a trip for the cutt-slam,  2nd week of July and August should be sure bets.  The cutt slam is such an exciting challenge and can add such a sense of history to the sport of fly fishing, I believe every angler who comes fishing here should take the challenge on.  It can be done in all different manners, but adding personal meaning to the task is fun.  A good friend and I are on the quest for the 24 hour cutt-slam in which we will attempt to catch the 4 cutt-throat in a 24 hour span of time.  Just another way to spice things up!  The lodge at Jackson Fork will be our head-quarters for the final trout caught and I will keep everyone posted on the results.  But be creative and make fishing fun–  sometimes we can get so caught up in matching the hatch with a size 18 BWO cripple and lose sight of the real joy of being outdoors.  Remember what it felt like to catch your first trout on a fly rod once in a while, take more pictures while your out, and if the fishing is bad–find purpose and enjoyment in the outdoors.  Fly fishing is one of the best sports in the world and the respect for trout is demanded when fly fishing, so when you get lucky enough to fool a trout into eating your fly–  be thankful!  With more to come soon—Eric Oram