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Protecting the Resource

How could the Cutt Slam experience get any better? In addition to chasing down these elusive fish in the mountain streams of western Wyoming, the Cutt Slam angler will also be able to see the very real rewards resulting from the vast amount of on-the-ground coldwater conservation field work that has been completed by Trout Unlimited, the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, and other conservation entities. From in-stream habitat improvements to agricultural partnerships, many of the waters in which these native cutthroats are found are becoming better and better homes.

There is something about these native cutthroat species that must be contemplated before it can be fully appreciated. A Cutt Slam angler today will catch fish that are direct descendants of fish that have been around since the last Ice Age. Before human settlement, long before there were rainbow trout, brown trout, or brook trout. These cutthroat trout are a window into the past, and a hopeful symbol of the future.

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