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One of a kind fishing adventure

The Cutt Slam is a uniquely Wyoming experience. Nowhere else can an angler experience catching FOUR subspecies of cutthroat trout – the only trout native to Wyoming – in their native habitat. The Cutt Slam is a chance to explore Wyoming’s natural beauty, learn about the significance of these native fish, and create unforgettable fishing memories along the way. From the majestic Tetons to the back road solitude of southwestern Wyoming, the Cutt Slam experience is defined by beautiful water, great hatches and no crowds. It is the pinnacle of western adventure angling!

The Cutt Slam is a program designed to encourage anglers to learn more about Wyoming’s four native cutthroat sub-species: Snake River cutthroat, Yellowstone cutthroat, Bonneville (Bear River) cutthroat and Colorado River cutthroat. These fish are icons of wild western rivers, and the crown jewels of Wyoming’s native fish. The Cutt Slam experience provides an opportunity to fully appreciate what makes these fish so special, and, in turn, encourage angler support of the Wyoming Game & Fish Department’s cutthroat management program.

For a real taste of western trout fishing that will take you off the beaten path, there is no challenge more satisfying than the Wyoming Cutt Slam.