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Colorado River Cutthroat
Originally the only native cutthroat trout in the Green River and Little Snake River drainages of southcentral Wyoming before stocking programs began.

Bonneville Cutthroat
Originally, the Bonneville, or Bear River, cutthroat was found exclusively in the Thomas Fork and Smith Fork drainages of soutwestern Wyoming, tributaries to the Bear River.

Snake River Cutthroat

Also referred to as the finespot cutthroat, the historic range of this distinctive subspecies is the upper portion of the Snake River, including the many streams of the Jackson Hole area.

Yellowstone Cutthroat
The native range of this subspecies is the headwaters of the Yellowstone basin, including the Big Horn, Wind and Clarks Fork Rivers, as well as the lakes and tributary streams throughout Yellowstone National Park.

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