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Happy 2013: May the fish bite often for all!

The cold weather has made a bold statement this winter here in Western Wyoming and the snow levels seem to be sufficient for this time of the year.   Here in Pinedale, we have not broke above 20 degrees for almost 2 weeks.  I hope that you have enjoyed the holiday season with family and friends.  I love this time of year–a time that seems to re-energize the soul–just as the snow provides the life-source for many things in our mountains and rivers.  The new year is a great time to reflect on many great  things that happened over the past 365 days and an even better time to set new goals that motivate and bring excitement to our days.

One of my great fishing buddies once gave me some great new years advice that I would like to share with everyone.  He told me that in an effort to stay young and inspired by life, we should set 2 new goals, skills, or achievements for ourselves each year.  Something new that you have never done before but have always wanted too.  If you just add 2 new skills or achievements each year–  overtime you will have a much deeper source of knowledge and ability then those we dont.  You will not find yourself stagnant– living life without continuous improvement.  For example, last year my two goals were to read 4 books throughout the year on leadership and self-improvement and the other goal was to learn how to build a fly rod.  So I challenge you all to set out for accomplish 2 brand new things during the 2013 year.  Just some food for thought as we embrace the new year.  May the year be a fish-filled year of smiles and laughter.

As far as the fishing around Western Wyoming goes– You will need to bring your ICE-FISHING gear.  There have been good reports on the Snake River, but the weather is the biggest factor to determine before setting out for s day of fishing.  Most of the fishing is walk and wade and I would highly recommend a guide this time of the year.  As for many of the guides around here, we spend this time of the year tying flies and cleaning out all of our fishing gear and reels.  Make sure you give you fly lines a once over before the spring fever hits to hard and you find yourself on an open river fishing with crappy fly line that needs

Monster Brown eating Monster Meat!

Guide Eric Oram with annual Fishing Buddy

to be replaced.  If you run your hands down the fly line and you can feel grit, bumps, or even worse cuts in the line—Change it out!!  If it just seems to be dirty, you can use warm water and a wash cloth.  This is a great time to buy 2012 models of fly line and if you keep looking around you can find some great deals.  I am a big fan of the Rio fly lines out there!

This is also a great time of the year to start planning your fishing trips for the 2013 season.  The lodge is fast becoming a popular destination for Western Fly-Fisherman and offers Top-of-the-Line lodging, food, and fishing.  Make sure to keep checking back on the blog for up-to-date fishing reports this spring.  I will be updating the site as soon as the hoback fishing opens up enough to fish.