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Cutthroat in Wyoming

The Cutthroat trout is the only trout native to Wyoming. Six subspecies of cutthroat originally occurred in Wyoming, through the greenback cutthroat of the South Platte Drainage is now extinct in the state. The subspecies still found in Wyoming include the Colorado River cutthroat from the Green and Little Snake River Drainage, the Yellowstone cutthroat from the Yellowstone Basin, the Bonneville cutthroat from the Bear River Drainage, the West Slope cutthroat from the Upper Missouri Drainage in Yellowstone Park, and the Snake River cutthroat from the Snake River Drainage.

– Compliments of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

The following four cutthroat trout species comprise the Cutt-Slam. They are Wyoming’s four native sub-species cutthroat and make for excellent catches in Wyoming fishing.

Colorado River CutthroatColorado River Cutthroat
The Colorado River Cutthroat were originally the only native cutthroat trout in the Little Snake River and Green River drainages in Wyoming before fish stocking began. Since, the Colorado River Cutthroat has been stocked elsewhere in the state for Wyoming fishing.

Bonneville CutthroatBonneville Cutthroat
Originally the Bonneville Cutthroat trout lived exclusively in the Thomas Fork and Smith Fork drainages on the southwester border of Wyoming. They have been stocked elsewhere in the state. The Bonneville Cutthroat trout is also known as the Bear River Cutthroat.

Snake River CutthroatSnake River Cutthroat
The Snake River Cutthroat trout is a form of the Yellowstone Cutthroat native to the Snake River.

Yellowstone CutthroatYellowstone Cutthroat
The Yellowstone Cutthroat is a native trout to the Yellowstone drainage, including the Big Horn, Wind, and Clarks Fork rivers, the Yellowstone cutt has been widely stocked throughout Wyoming which makes for great fly fishing opportunities.

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