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Well it has been a while since our last post, but there has been no shortage of action.  With the end of our fishing season this winter the lodge has been highlighted as one of the best fly fishing lodges in the west and Orvis Fly Fishing Company published a great article about the lodge and some of the great things Jackson Fork and 2 Rivers Emporium have to offer.  Below is a link to the Orvis post about a great evening spent this summer at the lodge.  Friends gathered, laughed, and told fish tall tales while dinner was being prepared and Mike Kaul and Eric Oram held fly fishing and fly tying skill sessions for entertainment.   As far as the up-coming fishing season looks, the winter forecast is filled heavy with snow and more snow.  We recently had over 2 feet of snow at the lodge and over 4 feet total has

Greetings to all, The fishing has been great this summer with some big fish brought to the net.  The water is running really low and warm, but our daily temps are dropping and our nights are getting cold, which will help lower the water temps and spark the fall fishing frenzy.  The hoback has been hard fishing over the past few weeks due to the water conditions.  The fish are holding in the typical fishy looking spots and are not picky on the fly selection as much as they are picky on the presentation.  Look for deeper pools of water with a certain amount of current and you will find fish holding!  Stay back off the banks so you do not spook the fish and place your cast with care.  I would not spend much time fishing shallow water or banks.  Red is still a hot color on the hoback and fish are eating dries!  Throw

The summer is here in full swing.  The ranch has been busy with many fishing clients over the past few weeks and the fishing has been great.  The Green River rush is about over as the snake river in Jackson Hole is starting to be productive to fishing.  The locals here in Pinedale are finally starting to have a little elbow room on our local rivers, the Green and New Fork.  The rivers are fishing great from about 9-noon everyday, especially on a cloudy day.  The water tempuratures are reaching the 70′s already and that will have a big impact on the fish come August.  Remember to fish early mornings and spend some time making sure the fish are recovered from a quick fight with a fly fisherman before allowing the current to sweep them downstream.  The small feeder streams around western Wyoming are starting to be productive.  Dry fly fishing has been the main course for

So the late run-off season was great while it lasted, but it is officially here in Teton and Sublette County.  Over the last few weeks the fishing has been good to great on certain days.  The Green River was fishing as good as it gets if you are a streamer junkie / nymph rig angler.  Fish are holding in pockets and eddys where you typically find them in the lower water levels but expect them to starting moving to slow water and the edges of the rivers.  When the water starts to clear up–  get your rods ready to roll!  The fishing will be hot!  I predict we are about 2-3 weeks from some great fishing.  As far as the spring creeks and streams go–  they are all running high as well.  Once the water clears–  Fish will be looking up for big dries and the fishing should hot.  The cutt slam calendar will be

This spring has been very unpredictable with both the weather and the fishing.  We have had some of the best days and some of the worst.  More recently we have been having some great fishing, but as the water flows increase with run-off we will have to look for ponds, lakes, tailwaters, and spring creeks for fishable water.  The ho-back has been running high and will continue to do so for the next few weeks, but at the Jackson Fork Lodge there are lots of great options for fishing right now!  The lodge has some of the best ponds and spring creek feed lakes that offer great fishing for BIG cutt-throats all season.  If you have not made your trip plans for fishing yet, I strongly suggest booking late June or early July!  The water should be ideal for some great fishing at that time.  Currently fish are not looking up much for top water

The spring weather is upon us here in Western Wyoming and the fishing is starting to pick up.  Water temps are on the rise and ice is breaking up along the river banks and bends.  Our lakes and local ponds are still solid and will stay there for a few more weeks, but the rivers and small streams are fishable.  The weather forecast looks promising for the next few weeks here and we should see water temps start to get above 40 degrees soon.  This means more bugs on the water and more fish moving around and starting to relocate from their deep dark winter hide outs.  In our local rivers, fish seem to migrate depending upon seasons, water levels, and water temps.  Early in the season you mostly likely will find fish stacking up in deeper, slower moving water, where food is abundant and little energy is needed to hold.  The summer is fast

The cold weather has made a bold statement this winter here in Western Wyoming and the snow levels seem to be sufficient for this time of the year.   Here in Pinedale, we have not broke above 20 degrees for almost 2 weeks.  I hope that you have enjoyed the holiday season with family and friends.  I love this time of year–a time that seems to re-energize the soul–just as the snow provides the life-source for many things in our mountains and rivers.  The new year is a great time to reflect on many great  things that happened over the past 365 days and an even better time to set new goals that motivate and bring excitement to our days. One of my great fishing buddies once gave me some great new years advice that I would like to share with everyone.  He told me that in an effort to stay young and inspired by

The weather has been holding nice in the Western Wyoming area this Fall.  Temps have been reaching mid to low 20′s on the cool nights and this week we are still hitting 50′s mid-day.  The fishing has been great this fall.  The upper green river is producing some BIG trout on nymphs and streamers.  With the Browns spawning –  make sure to be careful when wading to ensure our future in fly fishing.  The natural process can be greatly disrupted be aggressive fisherman.  The smaller streams are almost no-fishable at this time of the year.  The ranch provides some great winter season fishing opportunites to catch some snake river cutty’s and you will most likely not see anyone else.  Fishing in the silence of the rocky mountains can be -life changing- for sure! Look to book a fishing trip early in the summer before the run-off and you could see some of the best fishing all year.  Looking back

A few days ago I had some time off from work and headed up to the ranch to spend the afternoon.  The first thing that you will notice this time of the year on the ranch is the wildlife.  The mule-deer and antelope seem to be everywhere.  If the open grass-field meadows that surround the river-bottom on the upper hoback canyon are not filled with hunger antelope grazing before heading south for the winter, the fields are occupied by the ranch buffalo.  These buffalo are absolutely beautiful.  Jackson Fork Lodge is home to many buffalo and one of the most unique experiences that you can enjoy while fishing here is the opportunity to see the mysteries “WHITE BUFFALO”. This is a picture of one of the white buffalo from the lodge.  This small herd of white buffalo is a must see if you are in the area.   Another great part about the ranch this part

Native Colorado Cutty The fishing this summer was great.  Some of the best in years in our area.  Fish started eating consistently in June and it is still on!!  All of the rivers and tribs that we focus our time on for the Cutt-Slam are lower then normal for this time of the year (water level), however fish are still looking up, and the best action is early morning and evening time.  The afternoon fishing as been slower, however still productive if your willing to try a few color patterns and fish the dry-dropper rig.  If you have been thinking about coming out to fish Wyoming—  This year would be a great time to pull the trigger.  The fall weather is just starting to creep into our mornings and evening temps and the leaves are turing on a few trees.  The fishing this fall should be very productive as the cooler nights will help lower our

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