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Winter 2012

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During January and February the fishing action centers on connecting with big hungry trout by jigging some type of bait or lure through the ice on one of the many fine lakes we have in the Pinedale area. The less hardy fishers who prefer to wait until there is some open water on our local streams stay indoors and talk about the two big “W’s” weather and water. I am frequently asked by prospective clients to give them an idea of what the fishing water conditions will be like during their visit. My standard response is that “normally” (a weather guesser’s hedge word) the best water for fly fishing occurs from the second week in July through the second week in September. This is when we have the best water, weather and hatch conditions. We usually have a couple of weeks in late April and early May, before the run-off, when the weather and water

Heading into November…..

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We have had a lot of surface moisture the past few days and the snow pack in the mountains looks a lot like December. The weather alternates between warm and cool temperatures, which have kept the flows consistent on the major streams. Walk/wade fishing opportunities are excellent on all our streams since the lower fall water flows have isolated the good holes and runs where the trout usually congregate. The water temperatures remain moderate and the fish have stayed active in their feeding habits. The Brown trout have become more active as they prepare to commence their spawning activities and the Rainbows are feeding voraciously. We are getting some action on the New Fork and Green Rivers by offering the trout large mouthfuls of various colored woolly buggers and other large streamer patterns. These patterns also seem to work well in some of our local lakes. The trout will respond well to smaller nymph and

Fall Update from Little Jackson Hole.

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Our prime fly fishing season started a lot later this year due to a very cold spring which led to a later run-off. We were unable to fish many of our streams until the third week in July.  Early August found us still waiting for some of the smaller streams coming out of the Wyoming Mountain Range to moderate. This late start gave us good water flows throughout September and well into October so we had a few extra weeks of excellent fishing at the end of the season.  The fish we caught late in the season were fat and feisty since they had gorged themselves on worms, grubs and mites that were dislodged from the stream banks during several weeks of abnormally high water.  This coupled with the lighter than normal fishing pressure early in the season bodes well for our fishing prospect next season.  Our float trips were very productive this season, but

Post your stories here!

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We hope to be a valuable resource for all of the adventurous men and women wishing to complete the Cutt-Slam or just planning a fun trek through Wyoming. Wyoming boasts beautiful waters for fly fishing, high peaks to climb, horses to ride, hot springs and an abundance of wildlife. We would love to hear your stories. We plan to post anything we find relevant hear as well. If you have an adventure or plans to share please post them here. Happy trails!

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