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Before the SNOW flys

A few days ago I had some time off from work and headed up to the ranch to spend the afternoon.  The first thing that you will notice this time of the year on the ranch is the wildlife.  The mule-deer and antelope seem to be everywhere.  If the open grass-field meadows that surround the river-bottom on the upper hoback canyon are not filled with hunger antelope grazing before heading south for the winter, the fields are occupied by the ranch buffalo.  These buffalo are absolutely beautiful.  Jackson Fork Lodge is home to many buffalo and one of the most unique experiences that you can enjoy while fishing here is the opportunity to see the mysteries “WHITE BUFFALO”.

White Bull Buffalo

One of the white buffalo from Jackson Fork Lodge

This is a picture of one of the white buffalo from the lodge.  This small herd of white buffalo is a must see if you are in the area.   Another great part about the ranch this part of the year is the solitude.  Many locals have hung up the fishing poles for the fall and grabbed the old hunting rifle in search of bagging a trophy big game animal.

Family Time on the Ranch

This is great news for the avid fishermen who can handle a little Wyoming wind and cold weather.  As far as the fishing report–  the water is clear and low.  The water is easy to read and the deep pockets are holding the fish.  Fishing can be tough–  you may only get one chance at them before they go into hiding.  Be ready to set the hook on the first cast, because most often–  the fish will try to eat on the first serving!  Check back in next month for some more great photos and fishing report!