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August Fires

Greetings to all,

The fishing has been great this summer with some big fish brought to the net.  The water is running really low and warm, but our daily temps are dropping and our nights are getting cold, which will help lower the water temps and spark the fall fishing frenzy. 

The hoback has been hard fishing over the past few weeks due to the water conditions.  The fish are holding in the typical fishy looking spots and are not picky on the fly selection as much as they are picky on the presentation.  Look for deeper pools of water with a certain amount of current and you will find fish holding!  Stay back off the banks so you do not spook the fish and place your cast with care.  I would not spend much time fishing shallow water or banks.  Red is still a hot color on the hoback and fish are eating dries!  Throw Red or Royal PMX’s or Turks.  If Red is not working the next best flies would be a Royal Coachman, caddis, or purple haze.  Later in the day try a hopper pattern such as a chubby, joes, or daves hopper.  Droppers will work in the deeper pools as well as streamer patterns. 


The Green and New Fork have been fishing quite well in the mornings with some great dry fly action till late afternoon.  Cloudy days are best for catching bigger fish or late evening.  Caddis, hoopers, and tricos are all being taken on the surface and we are still catching fish we our rig of choice all summer–  CHUBBY w/ a PT or PRINCE!  If the fish are not eating your bugs, chance colors and try again.  This time of the season can be difficult and challenege even the best anglers out there.  Afternoon naps are nto uncommon for both fish and fisherman, but persistents will pay off and some of the best fish of the day can still be caught mid-day so keep fishing.  A fly has never caught a fish out of the water.  The new fork is really skinny and long casts in front of the boat are required.  The green is a little more forgiving and some sections are big enough anglers can spread out and have plenty of water to fish.  The water is low and fish are moving into their fall locations and becoming more territoriral.  Big dries are working and some days the are loving the droppers, and other days the wont eat them, but they are always worth a try.  Streamers have been the best producer of quailty fish on a few days recently and I suspect those streamer fishing days will increase into the fall for the best chance of good fish.  Happy fishing to all and do not forget that the fall is some of the best fly fishing!  Happy casting the SET the hook when they bite!